Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last day of school & some cleaning & organizing....

Thursday was the kids last day of school!! I am SO glad it is summer! No more alarms, no more competitions or rehearsals, no more homework or signing papers...Now time for crafting and BIG BROTHER!! I LOVE that show and can't wait for it to start again soon!

Anyway...when the kids were in elementary school I would take a pic of them w/their teacher on the 1st & last day of school to see how much they had changed through the year. Now that they are in middle & high school, I can't do that, so I take one of them together. Here is the 1st day...Trevor actually told me "What is up with my hair??" I said "THAT is how YOU wanted it!!" I think we all have pics like that!!
 And here is the last day...I just love Trevor's smile in this pic! And Travis is so grown up! Wow!! Where does the time go??
 Yesterday & today I spent cleaning and organizing ALL my craft stuff! (AGAIN!!) But now I am ready to start my 2 big orders and whatever else comes my way! ;-)

I'm still not completely satisfied with this set-up...I don't think I ever will be! 
Notice the basket by my Cricut...all the cardstock cut and ready AND all the supplies to the left for both orders I am working on! Now just have to print all the invite wording and stamp everything! 

I decorated this while cleaning today! LOL! I found the jewels in my stash and thought "hmm...what can I do with these??" 

 And this is my frustration area!! This is in the room right next to my craft area...hidden behind closed door (Thank goodness!) But what the heck do we do with all this stuff? This is all the containers I have collected for altering, and all the extra storage, crafty stuff I don't use on a regular basis (felt, pom poms, pipe cleaners, Popsicle stick, etc...) Sometimes it's overwhelming!!
 But, I have actually "weeded" out alot of stuff, so I guess I deal with it and QUIT BUYING!! LOL! Whatever!! :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Pam said...

Hi Laura, first I want to thank you for coming to my blog and becoming a follower. (craftycards4u2)You said you were new to blogging to. But not to crafting with that great craft room. I am so jealous. My house has no room for my own craft room, so I will live vicariously thru you OK? Love the pics of your boys. I will visit often, Hugs, Pam

Laura (tweetyb) said...

No I have been crafting for about 8 yrs now, and for the last few yrs I have been selling my crafts also! Mostly friends, but now have moved onto referrals too! I love it!! Thanks for coming by! :)

TXPJ said...

Laura, I love your craft room!! I examined it closely to get ideas for my own!! LOL I, too, have lots of "stuff to alter", and it is so hard to find places for everything! I love your use of the walls----putting as much UP as possible!! And your cans with the markers---wonderful!!
Thanks for sharing.
Paula Sanchez

Laura (tweetyb) said...

Thanks so much! I use to have cabinets but found that I use my stuff if I can see it!! I think my fav organization is my punches and my Stickles!! LOVE LOVE my Stickles board!! BUT I need to make a longer one...have new colors that I need to add!! LOL! Thanks again!

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