Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cricut cart storage

Today I am going to share with you an idea my Mom came up with for storing Cricut carts! I have been looking at different ways to store my carts for a while now. I really like the Cricut Binder but don't like the price! :) I don't have as many carts as a lot of crafters do, but I would need at least 2 binders & if I keep buying like I have been, I would need many more! I would much rather spend money on more carts than storage!

We saw an idea on a blog somewhere out there and while I was playing out on the river last week, Mom came up with this idea! I LOVE it!! Mom & I share our carts, so we each are making 2 boxes! For instance, when I buy a cart, I link it to my Gypsy then give the cart, book & overlay to Mom. That way she can use it too & vise-versa! It is working out really well for us!

So here are some pics of the storage idea....standard photo storage box from Hobby Lobby
Velcro dots hold the carts on the lid (Can hold up to 18 per box)
And the inside!! It's SO pretty!! Overlays are stored inside the corresponding book, and the book are in there in alpha order w/dividers!
I covered each divider that came with the box with matching (of course!!) paper and added "Thickers" alpha stickers for the letters! I added some empty clear boxes in the back to take up space so the books don't "flop" around!

The box that holds Mom's carts is almost full, because she has bought more than me :( LOL! This box holds the carts that we have double of, the ones we bought before we had our Gypsy!

I really liked seeing all my Cricut boxes lined up on my shelf but seriously, they do take up alot of room!!

Well tomorrow is my monthly Stampin' Up club mtg & I have alot of fun things ready to teach my favorite group of ladies!! We have such a blast during our parties! Laughing, crafting, eating...SO much fun!! So tomorrow night I will post the projects! Don't want to give away any sneak peeks before they see them here in person!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Georgia said...

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