Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

I got a phone call today to make some cupcake holders! Her sister is leaving for college, so she wanted Texas Tech (Red, Black & White) She gave me the go-ahead to do whatever I wanted with them so off to work I went!

I was just going to use my scallop punch, but when I went to punch out the Tx Tech (I had some Tx Tech scrapbook paper in my stash!! How lucky is that???) the size wouldn't look good with the scallop. So, next step, use my Cricut!! I pulled out Accent Essentials & of course there was no scallop! BUT I did see some other really cool shapes! So I picked one & started cutting!! Holy cow!! Of course I would have to pick THE hardest shape to cut out!! Look at this...I think this is what they call a "hot mess'!! LOL!!
I tried different pressure settings, multi cuts...but I think since this is textured paper, I have heard it sometimes shreds the textured paper...well that's exactly what happened!! It wasn't cut all the way through, shredded & just UGH!! So I chose another shape & actually think I like it better with this one!
Here are all the supplies cut & ready to assemble
And here is the final product!! SO stinkin' cute!!

I also got a call the other day for an add on to a baby shower job I did a while ago (you can see the invites & favors here) I will be doing some note cards that guests can write on giving the mom-to-be some advice on parenthood! Can anyone REALLY warn you about parenthood?? I think not!! :) Anyway, will be working on that tomorrow or Saturday! More crafting time!! Yipee!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Deborah said...

They are PERFECT!!! Thanks so are AWESOME :o)

Laura (tweetyb) said...

Thanks so much Deborah!! :) Glad you like them!

Judy said...

Ima lovin' these!! I am a new follower sent over by Amy at Love to Crop! She never gives a bad 'lead'!

Pam said...

Laura these are really good! Hugs, Pam at

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