Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ribbon Swap

A few weeks ago I saw on FaceBoook that Pink By Design was doing a ribbon swap! I love doing swaps...I love ribbon...YES!!! This is perfect!! So I joined in on the fun! Here are the amazing ribbon swaps I received..

1st off- This was the 1st package I received! How cool is this packaging??
 And here is the gorgeous ribbon from the 1st package

And here is the 2nd package! Just as gorgeous!!
I can't wait to use this scrumptious ribbon!! And I am def in for the next ribbon swap also!! Or any other swap for that matter!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Crystal said...

A ribbon swap? That sounds like so much fun!

Laura (tweetyb) said...

It was! I just love getting goodies in the mail! esp surprise goodies! I will post if I find out when another swap will be starting!
♥ Laura ♥

Jamie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stoping by and becoming a follower! I'm following you now too. Cute ribbon, I would love to do a ribbon swap!


Pam said...

Laura you scored!!! How fun for you. It all looks beautiful. Hugs, Pam at

Cyndi S said...

Laura, yes that was the purse box. I am so glad that you liked it and the ribbon. I had so much fun picking out the ribbon. I wanted to send it in a creative way. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I am not real great with the computer so my blog is pretty blah. I am loving all of your cards. I will be back visiting. Thanks.

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