Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of school 2011 & a few crafts!

Please bear with me as I do the "Mom Gush"!! I promise there ARE crafts at the end of the post!! :)

Well today is the 1st day of school for my boys!  My oldest, Travis (16) is a junior & my youngest, Trevor (13 this Friday!!) is in 8th grade...his LAST year in middle school!! Wow!!  I can't believe how they have grown up!! I took our annual 1st day of school pics this morning, they were making me laugh so much! I've said many times this summer...this is the 1st year I do NOT want them going back to school!! You know how it is, you want your quiet time, blah, blah....but they are at the age that I have my quiet time (when needed), I have crafting time, I can come & go as I please & they actually are fun!!! But, oh well, they HAVE to go so I shall deal with it!! Lol!! :) Here are their Back to School pics 2011....I was only going to put one but just had to show how silly they were this morning!! No!! That's a first too!!
 Trevor being sad that school is starting!! He is my drama kid...can you tell??

 They kept laughing everytime I would try & take the pic!! Those crazy kids!! :)

They are actually both excited for school this year...Travis is in Culinary Arts AND has his Junior lunch pass!! Off campus lunch everyday....well that he can afford at least!! I told him he HAD to go somewhere today for sure!! Even Valero!! Lol!! And Trevor is in Drama 3 & football...his two favorite things!! The kids that are still in Drama after 3 yrs really want to be there so it IS more exciting! It's going to be a great year for them!!

Ok, enough Mom stuff!! On to crafting!! Well, since we spent the last couple of days getting last minute stuff ready I haven't crafted in TWO days!! EEEEKKK!!! Starting to feel the withdrawals!! BUT, I did finish the Magnet boards that I started here...I put the teachers name & added the rest of the magnets

And then I also made another candy jar that she wanted after seeing the 1st one!!
And on a final note: I won some blog candy the other day from a blog hop (Yea me!!) and wanted to show these! I LOVE Stickles (If you couldn't tell by my using them ALL the time!! Lol!!) and my blog candy was a Limited Edition pack of 3 Stickles! I was SO excited...ANY Stickles is good Stickles!! Then I got the package....HOLY COW!!! I NEED to find where to buy these!!!
You may wonder...What is so exciting about this??? Look at this next pic....
It is AT LEAST double in size!! Awesome!!! Super great candy!!! :) Well I WILL be crafting tonight and tomorrow for sure!! I miss it & am SO ready to make some fun stuff!!

Until next time...
 ♥ Laura ♥


Lisa said...

I hope your boys had great first days of school!! The magnet boards are so creative and awesome! I love them :)


Pam said...

Your boards are really cool! I am sure the boys will have a great day:) Your stickles are great, and wow what big bottles. Have a great time crafting. Hugs, Pam at

Dena said...

What a great project! I haven't tried one of those yet. I'm super jealous that you won those JUMBO Stickles. WOW! I never even knew they came in that size. Lucky you!


Kim said...

I love your magnet boards. I may try to make one for my son's teacher (he started school today as well - 2nd grade). I actually have a couple of stickles in the large bottles that I bought years ago when they first came out. Thank you for sharing. From one Texas gal to another, Kim G.

kahurst said...

I love reading your blog!

McVic said...

Love the first day back to school pics!!!

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