Friday, August 26, 2011

An award!! And life in general...

First I want to start by saying "Yipee!!!" I won another award from Kacee over at You Had Me At Scrap!! Thank you so much Kacee! I recently "met" Kacee when she asked me to join her on her first blog hop (which is next week!!! So excited!) I have never participated in a hop before so this is really exciting for me!! Anyway...there are some "rules" for accepting this award...I must answer some questions & then pass it on to some other super wonderful blogs! So here we go....

1) Name your favorite color?
Definitely PURPLE!! But I am really starting to like pink/black/white combo!!  

2) Name your favorite song?
I LOVE music so this is really hard!! But since my fav group is Def Leppard...then I have to say anything by them!! 

3) Name your favorite dessert?
Brownie & ice cream....or anything chocolate!! 

 4) What wizzes you off at the moment?
People who can't park correctly!!! UGH that is one of my biggest pet peeve!! I want to leave notes on their cars!! :)

5) Your favorite pet?
ALL of my animals...Kirby, Kodie, Blue, Precious, Pumpkin

 6) Black or White

 7) Your biggest fear?
Not seeing my kids get older & have children of their own

8) Best Feature?Hmm, another hard question...I guess my eyes
9) Everyday attitude?
I think it's good....hubby & kids might not agree all the time! :)

10) What is perfection?
A day with my family & time to sneak in some crafting! 

11) Guilty Pleasure?
Dr. Pepper

12) When you're upset you?
Call my Mom! :)

Now I have to pass this award onto others. Cheryl Becky Jennie Ashley

Now on to some general life topics...Most importantly, to day is my baby's 13th birthday!!!

Wow!! I can NOT believe he is 13!!! He had football practice tonight so we just ordered pizza & will celebrate a little more tomorrow!! He also took his football pics today, so you KNOW I will post them as soon as I get them! :) So proud of him!! 

And now for a project!! 

I got an order for 2 more magnet boards!! One is for an ECC teacher & one is for a 1st grade teacher! I love how they turned out!! :) These boards are so cool & I love making them!! 

And one last thing before I go....My Mom's dog got really sick yesterday. They are still not sure what exactly is wrong with her...they are treating it as a poisoning though. She was very near death last night but seems to be responding to all the fluids, medication & all the other stuff they are pumping through her! She is a total inside dog so the poisoning thing is really baffling! They also said it could be a kidney "illness" but they are testing for that & have to send off for the results...meanwhile, she is still at the ER Vet & could still use some prayers & words of encouragement! :)

Well tomorrow is our monthly club meeting ], so I will have some exciting pics from that tomorrow...AND some really cool news!! Stay tuned!!! Lol!! :) Thanks for hanging in there with this VERY long post! 

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Cheryl Gaffney said...

Awww thanks for passing the award on to me! :) I am glad I've inspired you from my little corner of the crafting world!

Happy Birthday to your young man! I hope he had a wonderful day.

Thanks again,
Cheryl @

Jenny R said...

Congrats on the blog award! My guilty pleasure is Dr Pepper too! :) Loving your magnet boards!

Gina Thornton said...

I love your magnets boards! Very cute!
Found your blog via your FB post. If you have a chance swing by my blog and say hi!

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