Monday, September 19, 2011

Just for Justin!!

Good afternoon!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Ours was relaxing, fun & totally on the fly! No plans, no practices...wonderful!! And last night we ended our nice weekend with a thunderstorm!! Thunder, lightning & LOTS of rain!! But oh boy did we need it!!

On Saturday my brother, Justin, came by & saw a card I had laying on my table. It has a Koala Bear on it & he said "Cute card!!...BUT it would be better with a Panda!!" Well Justin, here is your Panda card!! :) Just for you!
Panda & Bamboo were made with Create-A-Critter & the background paper is DCWV Safari

Now for those of you that don't know...I was 17 yrs old & a Senior in HS when my brother was born! My Mom says "2nd marriage & SURPRISE!!" LOL!! So since I was 17, I helped out alot & thought of him as like a son! I didn't have my 1st son until I was 25 (Justin was 8) so he was all I had until then! Now that he is older (25 in Dec) we have become like best friends/brother/sister!! He is always there for me & he KNOWS I will always be there for him! He is the best brother anyone can ask for! And the "coolest Uncle EVER" to my boys!

So Justin, this is for you!! Oh and he also fixed my blog button over there so now it will actually GO TO MY BLOG & not PhotoBucket!! Yay Justin!! :) Now if I can just get him to help my with tabs & watermarks & SO many other comp issues!! He is a "Computer Blah Blah" as I always say because I can never remember what his job title is! Kind of reminds me of the Friends where no one knew what Chandler did!! LOL! That' is how I feel about Justin's job!! Anyway, he works on computers all day so like they "The painters house is never painted" Well my computers are always last on the list just like my house is never fixed because Hubby is a carpenter....but that's a whole 'nother story!! :)

Tomorrow I will have a post from My Cricut Craft Room DT! Come on back & see what I made this time...You won't be disappointed! (or at least I hope not!!LOL!!)

Love ya Justin!!
Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥


Liz said...

This card is awesome..I hope Justin likes it!!! You are awesome too!!

Tammy said...

You know how to do watermarks :-D

Tammy said...

And BTW the card adorable, relationship with little (bigger than you hehehe) brother priceless. I too have a little (not) brother I adore so I understand.

Connie Layman said...

Awww, love this card and your story!

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