Friday, September 30, 2011

Organization Friday

Today I am going to do a short post about more organization!! I said last Friday that I wanted to start a weekly post about organization, but I had also hoped to have a project too. I am working on SO many projects right now, but they need to be saved for the blog hop this weekend, a swap I am doing & also for my club meeting on Saturday! Plus even a few more DT posts thrown in there too!! Whew!! So for today I will just do organization!

For years I have had Stampin Up markers (love them!!) plus Sharpies & other markers. I have tried so many different storage ideas! From Stampin Up stamp cases to pencil boxes to containers w/the X in them...I knew I wanted my markers stored laying flat as opposed to standing up (they say it's better for the markers) but I also wanted them within reach and not hidden away! First of all they are all so pretty & you know the saying "Out of sight-Out of mind"...well that is SO true!! So a couple of months ago, I thought "What about Crystal Light containers??" They are the perfect size! But that would mean they would be standing up....well not like this!!
I have also seen this done with PVC pipe! But Crystal Light containers (that I had lying around) are MUCH cheaper!!  I took 10 Crystal Light containers & covered them with different co-ordinating papers. The  I used my trusty glue gun to glue them together! I then just screwed it into the wall & now I have the perfect (for me!!) marker storage!! More can be added on if needed, so it can grow with me & my craftyness! LOL!!

Well, I hope this helped you in some way...even if it made you want to go organize something else! :) Come on back this weekend for the Blog Hop and some pics from our club meeting on World Card Making Day!! :)

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥


Doris P. said...

awesome! I am in the midst of putting together my new craft room after so much was in storage... (we just bought a home and I (believe it)... I GET a scrap room in the basement.. So I will love to see more ideas!! so excited for ideas! doris

Sweet Creations said...

I think I am going to high Jack your idea for mine because I have mine in these cute class containers from Michael's but they take up room on my table that I could use so this is my next try. Now I just have to drink crystal light so I can get containers :) great idea.

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