Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Sept. 11th...

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Today is a day of remembering...remembering the people that lost their lives that day, the people that lost their family/friends that day, & remembering where & what you were doing on that day. Travis (now 16) was in 1st grade & Trevor (now 13) was 3 and still at home with me. I remember taking Travis to school & going to pick up tacos for my Mom (who worked at the school as Principal's Sec) and the other sec there. I heard about the 1st plane crash on the radio, but they were saying it was a small plane & looked like a horrible accident. I took the tacos back to school & left to come home...about the time I got home, the 2nd plane hit & we all knew what was going on. I remember being glued to the TV ALL day!! The school wouldn't let them turn on any TV's or radios so I kept calling in to my Mom with details. The only reason I didn't panic & run up to take Travis out of school was because my Mom was there & she could get him faster than I could!

Hubby stayed home from work along with his co-worker that had come over that morning. The three os us just sat staring at the TV as the plane hit the Pentagon & then the next plane fell to the ground in Pennsylvania. It was such a scary time...not knowing what would happen next...not knowing who/where was going to be hit next. We kept thinking about this being a military city, with all of our Military Bases in town. Every plane we heard fly over, we would hold our breath...and then the planes stopped...for days! It was strange to not see planes in the air here! And then when they started back up...another weird feeling!!

I kept the news & pics away from the boys, making sure they didn't know what was going on. I knew they were too young to understand that we were safe! I tried to make life as normal as possible. Knowing that so many would never have a "normal" life again. About a year later, I started showing Travis info on the day & talking about it. He had to know what was going on because his best friends Dad was being called to Iraq. He needed to know the danger he faced in Iraq & the reason we were so worried about him. Sadly he needed to know that Darren might not come home...and his friend could lose his dad. He needed to be there for his friend & I needed to be there for my friend (Darren's wife) Darren did make it home ok, but unfortunately many did not.

I hate that my kids had to know these "bad things" at such a young age...I hate that for so long after we would hold our breath for a split second when a plane flew over...I hate that our lives will never be the same.

I am grateful to all who sacrificed their lives to try and save others that day. I am grateful for the security we did feel that day...knowing that as much that was going on, we would be protected. And I am grateful that we were not directly affected by this tragedy.

Take a moment out of your day to be grateful for the things that you have now, in the past & in the future...

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Tammy said...

Very well said my friend, Daniel attending kinder in private school was made aware right away. They flocked those little children into the chapel to pray. I am tearing up just thinking about it. Granny went to pick him up or she may have had my sister in law get him since she was picking up her daughter, it is sort of a foggy day for me. It was my second day at a new job..... Thank you to all those that lost there live and to those that lost time with their children over this (Dans BF Brandons) parents both deployed at the same time to Iraq. Love you girl have a great day

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