Friday, October 21, 2011

Organization Friday!! Embellishments

TGIF TGIF!!! I am SO happy it is Finally Friday!! I just love weekends way too much!! :) This has been a busy cleaning week for me...yesterday was the first day I was in my craft room since LAST Friday!! WHAT??? But I got so much done around the house & the weather has been GORGEOUS here for the last few days!! I have had my windows open & cleaning like mad woman!! So much so that when the kids would come home from school they would say "SO what did you clean today?" Not the usual "So what did you craft today?"!! LOL!! Before I get into my Organization Friday post, I have do a shout out to my 16 yr old Travis....We found out today (just like literally an hour ago!!) that he was accepted into The National Honor Society at his high school!!! Woo Hoo Travis!! He was in NJHS in middle school & they don't have Honor Society until Junior yr at the HS (I never knew that!) I am just so proud of him (& of course Trevor too!!) in all he has & will accomplish! And for those of you that didn't know me in HS....well let's just say I shake my head in wonder ALL the time & say "MY kid??? Really??? WOW!!" And I will leave it at that!! LOL!!

Today I am going to show how I organize my embellishments! I decided a couple of years ago to sort ALL my stuff in the old fashioned rainbow color when I buy any brads, eyelets, shaped buttons, etc I OPEN THE PACKAGE (wink, wink for SOME people out know who you are!!) and sort them into colors. I bought these organizers at Hobby Lobby, I think they were like $20 but of course I used my coupon! I have 3 of these with all my embellishments! Now when I am working on a card/project, I just grab the case & find the color I need!
 And here is one of the sides to show how I labeled one of them!
And now here is all the beautiful colors!! :) This is one you have 8 of these "strips" that each pull out so you don't have to take all of them out at once!

And here is the second one....this has the white, vanilla, metallic & some larger brads on one side....
And then on the other side...probably one of my favorites...all my alpha shaped brads in alpha order!! :) And of course labeled!!
And the third one has all my shaped buttons grouped by category...

I admit, I do also have 2 of the spinning organizers from Stampin Up with ALL my Stampin Up brads etc...since I do have SU parties, I need to keep those separate from the rest!

Well I hope everyone has a super weekend!! Now go and organize those embellishments and USE THEM!! :)

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥


Sherry said...

What an awesome way to organize. Wanna come and organize my stuff? LOL
Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Creations said...

OK I have decided you need to come to Arizona and organize my stuff for me :) I by the shot's to keep us going and feed you lol

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