Friday, October 7, 2011

Organization Friday!! Homecoming & A WINNER!!!

TGIF!!! I am really happy the weekend is FINALLY here!! This week seemed to drag on & on!! It has been a busy week (what else is new??) and it will be a busy weekend, but a fun busy! This week was Homecoming at the HS, so my oldest will be going to the dance tomorrow night....last night was the game (on a Thurs!!! Ugh!!) and they FINALLY won!!! Woo Hoo! Go Rams!! LOL!! Now they are 1-6, but at least they won on Homecoming!

Now on to the organization! Today I would like to show you how I store my ribbon! Again, I have tried SO many different ways...boxes with holes, bags with holes, dowels, shelves, you name it I have done it!! Lol!! But this idea is so far the BEST way I have had my ribbon!! I love it! I started sorting my embellishments by rainbow color & found that it is so much easier to find things! So I do that with my ribbon too!

It all started with the white cubes from Michael's...I had one that had two large drawers and it came with a divider to sort small things. Well, I used it for my Stampin Up ribbon because those spools are larger than most...then it hit me! Why not put ALL my ribbon like that?? So I bought 2 more cubes, but this time I bought the ones w/3 smaller drawers....AND I made my own dividers out of foam board! So here is the "Tower O'Ribbon" (labeled of course!!)
And here is my ribbon...Ta-Da!!! (Imagine the sun shining, birds singing & all of the wonderful things that are beautiful!!)

Using the foam board makes it more flexible also...notice in the black/white drawer, one of the dividers is "bent" for larger ribbon spools, but just "bends" back when it is taken out! I made all these dividers with a little more than 1 full sheet of foam board!!

I also store my scraps in here too...just used one section of the dividers for scraps!

I would like to get one more set of drawers...I would love to separate my red & pink ribbon! I now have a total of  8 drawers (red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black/white & brown/metallic) Now when I am making something, I figure out what color ribbon, open the drawer & there is all my ribbons in one place!

Now for the blog hop winner from last weekend....And the winner is.....
Becky Dunham!!

Becky said....Great projects Laura! LOVE that Eeyore comp book - soo cute. I think I need that cart :) I am a new follower of your sweet blog. 
Becky, I will be emailing you shortly for your address! :) Thanks to everyone for hopping along and don't forget...this weekend (Saturday AND Sunday) I am participating in another Blog Hop (Boy/Girl Theme) so come on back & check it out!! 

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Sweet Creations said...

I love it guess what I ideal I "steeling" next :) where did you get the draws? let me know I just love the idea and having them sorted by color like I do with my paper :) thanks for sharing this Ideal now if I can get the stuff under control it would be so great.

Laura (tweetyb) said...

Becky: I got these at Michael's (on sale or w/a coupon of course!!!) but I think they have them at JoAnn's too!

Becky Dunham said...

Yay! I won! Sent you an email Laura! Ok, I am jealous - I want drawers like this. You would be appalled at the way my ribbon looks at this moment :)

Amy E said...

Doesn't it feel great to FINALLY find a storage solution that works for YOU!! I found that with my ribbo storage too! I little different than yours but I love it! be able to have as much ribbon as you have!! I LOVE your collection!

Amy E.

Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, I need to do that. The drawers look so nice; great organization!!!

And, congrats to your winner!

. said...

OMGoodness this is awesome! I am a ribbon junky. Thanks for following my blog and for the nice comments. You have to create a new post on your blog to get in on the extra prizes. Don't want you to miss out.

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