Saturday, December 10, 2011

Craft Show Goodies

Just wanted to show some of the things I made for the craft show today! I really hope it goes well!! :)

First off I have some Gumdrop candy sticks! I have seen many different candies used in making these bags, but I hadn't seen gumdrops! When I was at the store buying candy for the bags I saw the gumdrops & figured they would fit...well they fit perfectly!!! And then I remembered my new stamp set from Stamps of Life had a Gumdrop on it!! It was fate!! LOL! So I made up a template with "Goody Goody Gumdrops" (Everytime I see gumdrops, I think of that!!) and punched the tags out...
Next, when my kids were little I used to use the "Magic Reindeer Food" with them and they loved it! SO when I saw a template for the tag I knew I had to make some for the craft show! I had these tubes that my Dad gave me for months now & haven't been able to use them. They have really narrow openings, so candy doesn't fit in them but Magic Reindeer Food does...perfectly!!!

And last but not craft show would be complete with out Snowman Soup!! :)
In one day, I made 50 candy sticks, 35 Reindeer Food & 20 snowman soup!! Whew!! That was a long day!! I have much more to show but I will leave that for another post!! Wish me luck in the show!! :)

Until next time... ♥ Laura ♥


Roxanne Drees said...

those are adorable, i would like to know what you put in each,,,, and do you have a "recipe" for the reindeer food, and snowman soup? I would love to make some for my neices. i am impressed at how many you made!!

Rosie said...

these came out sooo cute

Sweet Creations said...

The reindeer food my daughter and Niece just loved thanks so much way to cute I want to find out where you got the tubes so I can do it for her class next year I think it would be so cute for her third grade class. :) Great work and your ideas are just amazing. I am so glad I have you on the DT for inspiration

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