Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day of playing...FINALLY!!

It has been WAY too long since I have been in my craft room! But today I finally got the chance to play ALL day!! I had so much fun! Of course my house cleaning paid the price...but there is always tomorrow to clean!! :)

I actually got to make 8 cards today! Just for requests, no orders...just plain ole'
F-U-N!! After I finished, I went onto SplitCoastStampers and took a peek around and found MORE ideas I want to try!! Oh boy! Can the house stand ONE more day of not cleaning...Hmm, I will make that decision tomorrow! Fridays are always a little lazy & crazy around whether school is in or not. So I probably won't get to play again till Saturday! Oh well, I had fun today and enough cards to make posts for a few days! (I can't bore you with ALL 8 cards tonight, can I??)

So I will do 2 tonight and save the rest for tomorrow and the weekend!

I think these 2 are my favorite from today! I have had these stickers for a while and while I was "playing" today, I also snuck in some organizing (sometimes I think my that's my FAVORITE part of crafting! LOL!!! Ok, not favorite...but darn close!!) and I found these stickers I bought a while back. There is like 10 different sets ranging from boys, Christmas, Fall, vacation, school & so much more! I pulled out the boy set & the "LOVE" set and thought I would use up those 2 sets...well, I made 2 cards from the boy set and still have 5 stickers left!! Geez, just have to make more cards huh??!!!

This 1st card, I had the Bordering Blue (the light blue) cardstock laying in my scrap pile already cut. I wanted to use it but it was too small for the front of the card, so I used my CuttleBug border embossing folder and made a border on the top & bottom.

 And on this card, I have TONS of buttons that I NEVER use, but I wanted something to "fill" the sides of the image...Voila!!
How cute are these?? The sentiments are from My Pink Stamper I just LOVE her stamps!! They ink up so crisp & clean!

Well, that is all for tonight! It's getting late and tomorrow is TACO FRIDAY over here! Every Friday morning Hubby & I go for a taco..Sometimes a couple of my friends join us, sometimes its just us! But every Friday we go! We did miss last Friday because since I was stuck in the recliner after my back went out! So I am READY for my taco!!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down but not out!!

WOW! What a week!! I spent Mon & Tues getting ready for my monthly stamp party/club meeting/fun time!! Tues afternoon, I was crafting and enjoying it SO much! Somehow, still have NO idea what the heck I did, I twisted my back/pinched a nerve or something! All I know is that from Tues evening until even today (Saturday) I have been on my recliner!! Tues night and into Wednesday night, I could barely move at all! Wed morn, I couldn't get out of bed by myself! Now for those that don't know me...I HATE asking for help!! And all I have been doing is asking for help! ICK!!

I was able to do my stamp club on Thurs, because like I told them...I'm not going to be dancing around while teaching!! LOL!! Not this time anyway! Of course that night I was exhausted! But we had so much fun!! I will post pics of our projects maybe tomorrow! I was just SO happy I had all my projects ready (which I have been known at times to wait until the night before to finish!!) and ready to go!

And then yesterday was a special day for our family but we also had some sad news. Yesterday was my oldest son's 16th birthday!!! (This pic was taken a few months ago...didn't take any yesterday but this is one of my favorite of him lately!)

WOW! I can not believe he is 16! He is finishing up drivers ed and will be driving full time in a few weeks! OMG!! I could go on for hours about his birth, his life and how extremely proud I am of him...BUT I will just say..Travis: I love you more than words can say! I am so proud of who you are becoming, and everything you have already accomplished in your life! I can't even begin to imagine how you will be in the future, but I am excited to see what life will bring to you and what you will bring to life!
We did take him out to dinner last night, but will have friends/family over to celebrate on Sunday!

Now onto the sad step-mother-in-law passed away yesterday morning (sadly on Travis' birthday) after a long illness. We all know she is in a better place, free of pain & suffering. But of course my father-in-law is extremely sad!

Here she is w/my hubby at our wedding 20 yrs ago....RIP Pam... you can see the reasoning for the title of this post! I am itching to get back into my craft area! You know how you want to do something when you can't...well I can't wait to be able to sit in my chair and make some cards!! I have been looking at many blogs the last few days...not much else to do in the ole' recliner! And I have a million ideas running in my brain!! Hopefully by Monday <fingers crossed> I can get in there and create!!!

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My first award!!

OMG!! I got my very 1st blog award!! How super exciting!! A HUGE thank you to Pam over at ****craftycards4u2**** for sending this to me! Be sure and go check out her fabulous creations! Now since this is my 1st award, I hope I do this all right! :)

The rules for the award are the following: 

1.) Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2.) To accept this award answer 7 random facts about yourself.
3.) Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies.

7 Random facts about myself:

1. I LOVE Tweety Bird!!
2. I grew up most of my life without siblings...then Mom remarried & I got a (step) sister (although there are no "steps" or "halfs" in this family!!) who is 5 yrs younger, Love ya Steph!! ...and then SURPRISE!! When I was 17 I got a baby brother!! He IS like my best friend and I know that I can talk to him & count on him for ANYTHING!! Love ya Justin!!
3. Hubby & I were married 5 yrs before having kids!
4. I met my husband when we were 15 yrs old, and except for a yr separation in high school, have been together ever since!
5. I can drink Dr. Pepper ALL day long...from the time I get up till the time I go to bed...but I don't!
6. I have been card-making for almost 10 yrs but just last year got bitten by the "BUG" (Cricut bug that is!)
7. My all time favorite band is DEF LEPPARD!! Since high school!!

I am passing this award on to the following people who I love to visit as well....
Go show all of them some love! :)
There are so many other blogs I regularly look at and am just now figuring out how to do all this blogging "stuff"!! SO I might not get to them everyday, but always wind up back looking at all the wonderful creations!!

Thanks again Pam for this award!
Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Excuse the mess!!

I am trying to play around with different backgrounds, colors, templates, headers, blah blah...I don't even know what half that stuff means!! LOL!! But I am determined to learn! I want a blinkie of my own! I want my Blog Name to be seen!! I will conquer this!! But not's after midnight!!

So if it looks a mess...I'm sorry! It will be beautiful soon! :)

♥ Laura ♥

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day cards...

I had a friend (one of my BEST customers!!) call me yesterday and ask me to do 2 Father's Day cards for her and a birthday card. On one of the Father's Day cards she was very specific...Texas A & M!! She got tickets for her husband for the upcoming season and wanted to use the card to tell him about the tickets! How exciting for him!! So here is what I came up with! I used to have some A & M paper but guess I have used it all....SO, I went "Googling" and found this pic of the helmet, and fixed it up to how I liked it and made my own paper! =P I cut out the words w/my Cricut and embossed the top layer to look like a football! I am VERY pleased with how it turned out!
 I made a pocket on the inside to put the tickets in, and to have room to write a message.
 Since she doesn't have the actual tickets yet...I made my own to go in there! How cute is this!! I ♥ it!!
And here is the other Fathers Day card...Made almost completely w/my Cricut and Gypsy! (My new BFF!!)
 And the inside:
Then, onto the Bday card, I always say when I make a card I should just make 2, since 1 piece of cardstock gives you 2 cards and I usually have scraps from all the other cuts! So, I did just that! Actually I made 4 cards and used different sentiments on each so I can get my stockpile of cards back up! The first 2 pics are the original cards and the last pic uses all the scraps! So out of and 8x8 piece of patterned paper I made 4 cards!

Well, that's it for now...This weekend is Father's Day weekend! Still not sure exactly what we are doing on Sunday...I would love to drive up to Austin and see my Dad, but not sure that is going to happen! We shall see....

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Invites done & KLRN Auction...

I have been working all week....well, ok not the WHOLE week, working in between going to lunch, relaxing and enjoying our summer time...on my order for 60 baby shower invites and 30 shower favors! I am really happy with how they all turned out!

60 invites w/matching envelopes & labels...and 30 nugget matchbox favors! I am completely done with the entire order!! And 4 days early too! Woo Hoo!! Yea me!! Doing the happy dance! :)

Also this week we have been doing our annual tradition of the bidding on the KLRN Auction!! We LOVE doing this every year and even one year went and volunteered on the phone bank!

This was a FEW years ago but we had such a blast doing it! We usually only go for the dining certificates but sometimes we get "other things"... like our horse DAKOTA!! Funny story!! Every year we would see the Mini Horse up for auction and think "wow that would be so cool!!" And every year the horse would sell for WAY above the opening bid! So one yr, Kurtis, after having just a few too many drinks, thought it would be funny to bid on the horse! So we put the opening bid ("Huh Huh, think of the best Beavis & Butthead laugh here,we bid on the horse!!")...and waited for the other bids to come in! It usually would be on the boards for a couple of days before we waited...and waited...and WAITED! NO BODY bid against us!! Wait..WHAT??? OMG! We own a horse??? Why is it that when we put the opening bid, no one else bids AT ALL!!??? So needless to say, we now have Dakota! Not the "funnest" pet but what are ya gonna do?? :)
 This pic was the week we got him! Trevor (age 6 maybe?) was THE most excited! Until he learned you couldn't actually ride the horse! LOL! So now he is just a big lawn ornament out in the backyard!

And one more funny story about the auction before I go...we started watching & bidding 16 yrs ago this yr...And you may ask..."How do you KNOW you have been doing this 16 yrs?" Well, let me tell you!! I was pregnant with our oldest, Travis, and we were bored one night & started watching. Lo & behold they had BABY STUFF on there!! SO we bid and won!! After you win the item, you have to go down to KLRN to pick up the item. The night before I decided I would go the next day to pick up our new stuff, woke up in the middle of the night having contractions!! BUT I wanted my stuff!!So off I go, IN LABOR, and 3 days PAST my due date!! I was trying not to let anyone know I was having contractions!! Crazy! And ever since then, we are hooked and can't wait for June to watch our 1 week auction!! So every year we have tell Travis that story as we go down there and pick up our new goodies! We have gotten to know everyone that works down there and are greeted with hugs when we go in! It's like Norm @ Cheers!! "Tatsch Family!!" LOL!!

So this week (until Saturday at least) there has been NO crafting or anything else in the evenings! We are glued to our auction!

I will be working on some crafting next week though...and no orders (as of yet!) so it will all be fun, new things I want to try out! I just recently got my Gypsy (LOVE IT!!) and want to sit and play with it and figure out all the bells & whistles!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Now that it's summer, Friday's are really just any other day, but TGIF anyway!! I have spent the last couple of days slowly working on my 2 sets of invitation orders. It has been really nice to just take my time and do a little bit here & there! Lazy days of summer..LOL! Love it!

But I did finish up the 1st order! 35 baby shower invites! I love how they turned out! I really need to start practicing more with my camera and learn to take better pics...I don't like how the Stickles came out in the pic, but IRL they are gorgeous!

The bottom actually has bears "rolling around", not sure how well they turned out in the photo though!

Today I am actually taking a day off...just going to relax in front of the TV for a while! I keep singing "The Lazy Song" from Bruno Mars! Ok well not the WHOLE song but just a few lines!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last day of school & some cleaning & organizing....

Thursday was the kids last day of school!! I am SO glad it is summer! No more alarms, no more competitions or rehearsals, no more homework or signing papers...Now time for crafting and BIG BROTHER!! I LOVE that show and can't wait for it to start again soon!

Anyway...when the kids were in elementary school I would take a pic of them w/their teacher on the 1st & last day of school to see how much they had changed through the year. Now that they are in middle & high school, I can't do that, so I take one of them together. Here is the 1st day...Trevor actually told me "What is up with my hair??" I said "THAT is how YOU wanted it!!" I think we all have pics like that!!
 And here is the last day...I just love Trevor's smile in this pic! And Travis is so grown up! Wow!! Where does the time go??
 Yesterday & today I spent cleaning and organizing ALL my craft stuff! (AGAIN!!) But now I am ready to start my 2 big orders and whatever else comes my way! ;-)

I'm still not completely satisfied with this set-up...I don't think I ever will be! 
Notice the basket by my Cricut...all the cardstock cut and ready AND all the supplies to the left for both orders I am working on! Now just have to print all the invite wording and stamp everything! 

I decorated this while cleaning today! LOL! I found the jewels in my stash and thought "hmm...what can I do with these??" 

 And this is my frustration area!! This is in the room right next to my craft area...hidden behind closed door (Thank goodness!) But what the heck do we do with all this stuff? This is all the containers I have collected for altering, and all the extra storage, crafty stuff I don't use on a regular basis (felt, pom poms, pipe cleaners, Popsicle stick, etc...) Sometimes it's overwhelming!!
 But, I have actually "weeded" out alot of stuff, so I guess I deal with it and QUIT BUYING!! LOL! Whatever!! :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and until next time...
♥ Laura ♥
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