Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Birds & More Create-A-Critter!

First I want to say HELLO to all my new followers friends that have come from Amy's blog!! Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments! I hope you all come back often to see what's going on over here!

Well after the prodding of a super great friend (thanks Tammy!!) I decided to take the leap & try out for a design team! This is obviously my 1st time, but I think I may try & join some others...we shall see!! So today I decided to make a few cards to submit for the design team call...

1st I pulled out my never-before-used 3 Birds on Parade cart! I did this entire image on my book, no overlay to cheat from! I actually loved it!! No wasted paper...and all my cuts at one time!! And of course used My Pink Stamper Punnylicious stamp set!
 Then I got out my Create-A-Critter (My all time favorite cart!!) And did these also...I hadn't cut either of these images & wanted to do something new!

I guess purples don't do too well on my camera!! Oh's still "Stinkin' Cute!!" LOL!!

I went out to check my mail today & received this card for my birthday (Aug 3rd) It's a card from Stampin' Up!! How cool is that??
It;s always so cool to receive ANY cards but from Stampin' Up?? Wow!!

Well, that's all for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Guest Designer!!

I am SO excited!! I feel so honored to be asked to be a guest designer over at Love to Crop! Go check out Amy's AMAZING blog!!  This is my 1st time but hopefully not my last! :)

Let's start with a little about me...My name is Laura & I have been stamping for about 10 yrs...And then a couple of years ago I got my Cricut!! Combining stamping & Cricut has been so much fun! About 3 yrs ago, a friend asked me to make her some baby invitations & from then on I have slowly built up a small business & hope to get more customers soon!!

I have been married for almost 21 yrs to my HS sweetheart & we have 2 boys (16 & 13...Eeeekkk!! Teenage boys!!) I am a SAHM & can spend hours if not days (LOL!!) in my craft area!

Enough about me...Let's get to the fun stuff!! :) I chose to make a "box card" today. I saw this on Splitcoaststampers on the Weekly Inkling (If you do not subscribe to it now!! There are some AMAZING ideas on this site!!) My Mom tried this first & told me I HAD to try it...I finally did & now I am SERIOUSLY ADDICTED to making them! (Thanks Mom!!) They are so easy! Here is the original tutorial...I HIGHLY recommend watching the video at the bottom, Trust me!! I am usually a visual person, but after an hour trying this, I almost gave up!! Then I watched the video & BAM!! Gorgeous card!!

Here is the finished card (outside view)
And here is the back...
This is great for a small note or even any flat candy (Ghiradelli choc come to mind!!) but this time I decided to use it for a gift card holder! So here is the inside...
I cut a piece of cardstock to 4x4, used my tab punch to make the tabs to hold the gift card & I used a CuttleBug border embossing folder on the bottom for some texture. And of course added some bling!! :)

Here is the finished inside...
I used all Stampin Up paper (Cottage Wall-retired)  & cardstock (Rich Razzleberry)

Well I have really enjoyed this guest spot & I hope to see some of you over on my blog!! Thank you SO much Amy!! This was a blast!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

I got a phone call today to make some cupcake holders! Her sister is leaving for college, so she wanted Texas Tech (Red, Black & White) She gave me the go-ahead to do whatever I wanted with them so off to work I went!

I was just going to use my scallop punch, but when I went to punch out the Tx Tech (I had some Tx Tech scrapbook paper in my stash!! How lucky is that???) the size wouldn't look good with the scallop. So, next step, use my Cricut!! I pulled out Accent Essentials & of course there was no scallop! BUT I did see some other really cool shapes! So I picked one & started cutting!! Holy cow!! Of course I would have to pick THE hardest shape to cut out!! Look at this...I think this is what they call a "hot mess'!! LOL!!
I tried different pressure settings, multi cuts...but I think since this is textured paper, I have heard it sometimes shreds the textured paper...well that's exactly what happened!! It wasn't cut all the way through, shredded & just UGH!! So I chose another shape & actually think I like it better with this one!
Here are all the supplies cut & ready to assemble
And here is the final product!! SO stinkin' cute!!

I also got a call the other day for an add on to a baby shower job I did a while ago (you can see the invites & favors here) I will be doing some note cards that guests can write on giving the mom-to-be some advice on parenthood! Can anyone REALLY warn you about parenthood?? I think not!! :) Anyway, will be working on that tomorrow or Saturday! More crafting time!! Yipee!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Create A Critter & GREAT news...

It has been a kind of busy around here the last couple of days & I haven't gotten any crafting done but wanted to post some cards I made a few months ago that I just LOVE!! I had just gotten Create A Critter & these were the 1st cards I made with it!

I also used My Pink Stamper stamps! I have said it before but I will say it again...LOVE these stamps!!

Now for some great news!! I was asked to be a guest designer over at Love to Crop!!! Be sure & go check out her amazing blog!! I am so excited & feel so honored to even be asked! I will be working on my project tomorrow & as soon as it goes live over there, I will let everyone know!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So tired!!

But it's a good tired! An "all-day-crafting-and-organizing" tired!! It all started last know when you start thinking about something crafty & you just can't get it out of your head?? I started thinking about how all of my ink pads are just...there...not being used too much anymore...especially the colored ink, I usually only use black or brown now. SO all those ink pads, in my way, there HAS to be something I can do about that! So, this morning, as soon as I got up, I started working! Here you can see how it was before and here is the after...
Moved all my ink pads over to the side, but still with in reach. Added a shelf in front of my chair and moved all the stuff I use most often in front of me! That took almost all morning!!

Then, I have had an order for a baby album for a couple of weeks & decided to get started on it finally! The order is for a pink & purple album with elephants, hippos & koalas. So I knew I wanted to cut out the animals with my Create A Critter (Love that cart!!) so I start cutting...but I was having a really bad Cricut day! My machine froze, I kept cutting the wrong layer w/the wrong color!! Grrr!! So I decided to just walk away!! An hour later, came back & got back to work! Here is the almost completed album...I think I want to add a few more details...I won't bore you with ALL the pages but here are a few...

So of course after cleaning my area & then making this album...I had tons of scraps! As I was cleaning up, I started seeing some cards in all those scraps! So I threw these cards together (also did a few more, but again, won't bore you with ALL of them!!) This one is my favorite!! I had cut out the butterfly a while back when I first got the Martha Stewart Cricut cart & just put it away...thought it went really well on this card!
 And this one too, had the flower cut out already & in my "stash",,,
Well, it has been a great day of crafting & organizing! Had computer music on all day! I told my brother I went "Old School" and was listening to Pandora! (I have recently switched to Spotify!! Love it!!) But wanted to hear some Crystal Gayle, Tanya Tucker, Charly McClain, etc...and didn't have a playlist for that yet & didn't want to make one, so I went to the old back-up! LOL!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend & staying cool! It is just WAY too hot!!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Friday, July 22, 2011

Seriously ADDICTED!!

Yesterday I had our monthly stampers club meeting party here and we had SO much always! Except that 3 of our ladies were missing :( But good food, good company & can you go wrong?? I usually do 2-3 projects each time, sometimes have everything cut & ready for them to assemble & embellish, but this time...they had to score & cut everything!! They all did so good!! :) I decided to do a Tri-Fold Shutter card that I been seeing all over the place! It is a little intimidating to look at and even to read the directions. But once you do is so easy!! And the results?? AMAZING!!!
 These aren't even finished, just super simple & they are just so cool!!

And now for my new serious addiction....In the Weekly Turotial over on splitcoaststampers they had a tutorial for a Box Card a couple of weeks ago. Mom tried it & told me how simple it was & suggested I do this at our next club mtg. So the other day I tried it...after a failed 1st attempt, I watched the video & OMG!!! It really IS so simple & SO cute!! So this was our other project...

Above: Box opened & Belly Band...
Well last night I had a couple of extra sheets of paper that I had put out for everyone to pick from, so I thought I would "whip out a few"...Now the next pics are just a SMALL sample of the ones I did!! I must have made about 10 last night!! LOVE THEM!!!

And as I am typing this...I am thinking about what papers I will use to make more!! These would be great for a gift card, money, even some of the Ghirardelli square candies would fit in here!

I actually don't have any plans I think I hear my craft area calling my name!! :)

Have a great day!! TGIF!

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cricut cart storage

Today I am going to share with you an idea my Mom came up with for storing Cricut carts! I have been looking at different ways to store my carts for a while now. I really like the Cricut Binder but don't like the price! :) I don't have as many carts as a lot of crafters do, but I would need at least 2 binders & if I keep buying like I have been, I would need many more! I would much rather spend money on more carts than storage!

We saw an idea on a blog somewhere out there and while I was playing out on the river last week, Mom came up with this idea! I LOVE it!! Mom & I share our carts, so we each are making 2 boxes! For instance, when I buy a cart, I link it to my Gypsy then give the cart, book & overlay to Mom. That way she can use it too & vise-versa! It is working out really well for us!

So here are some pics of the storage idea....standard photo storage box from Hobby Lobby
Velcro dots hold the carts on the lid (Can hold up to 18 per box)
And the inside!! It's SO pretty!! Overlays are stored inside the corresponding book, and the book are in there in alpha order w/dividers!
I covered each divider that came with the box with matching (of course!!) paper and added "Thickers" alpha stickers for the letters! I added some empty clear boxes in the back to take up space so the books don't "flop" around!

The box that holds Mom's carts is almost full, because she has bought more than me :( LOL! This box holds the carts that we have double of, the ones we bought before we had our Gypsy!

I really liked seeing all my Cricut boxes lined up on my shelf but seriously, they do take up alot of room!!

Well tomorrow is my monthly Stampin' Up club mtg & I have alot of fun things ready to teach my favorite group of ladies!! We have such a blast during our parties! Laughing, crafting, eating...SO much fun!! So tomorrow night I will post the projects! Don't want to give away any sneak peeks before they see them here in person!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Raspberry Day! and a project!

When I got up this morning, I saw on a FB post that it is "National Raspberry Cake Day"! Hmmm, have never heard of that but my brother LOVES raspberries, so I immediately thought of him! Then I saw there was recipe for raspberry-buttermilk-cake & I knew I HAD to make it for him! I asked him to come by after work & gave him his cake! He loved it!! 

 And here is the finished cake!
But did I take a pic of the cake AFTER I flipped it over??? Of course not! Oh well, he loved it & that is all that matters! :)

I also did alot of crafting today, but I will not be sharing all my pics tonight! I have my monthly Stampers Club mtg on Thurs, so I don't want to ruin their surprise projects! But I will share one project that I finished today...During our club mtgs, there are always piles of trash & scraps all over the table from all the stamping & crafting going on! So I have been meaning to alter a can of some sorts for small "trash cans" to put on the table. A friend of mine brought me a whole bunch of containers to take up space in my cabinets alter someday! And in there was 4 coffee cans! PERFECT!! So here is the finished products....
Fancy "trash cans" huh?? LOL!! I made 1 set for each end of the table! I had the sequin ribbon in my stash that a friend had given me when she cleaned out her moms sewing boxes after she passed away...I knew I wanted to use it for something special and something I would keep for myself. I love how it added some "bling"!! Even trash cans can be pretty right?? :)

Can't wait for "my ladies" to see them!! Finally, a place for all their trash/scraps!

Tomorrow I will be posting a really cool Cricut cart storage idea that my Mom came up with! I am finishing up my boxes & will post pics tomorrow! So be sure to come back & see what her absolutely clever idea is!!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Treats!

My mom recently bought the Cricut cart Sweet Treats & I got to play with it today! It's a really cute cart! Also, yesterday Mom & I went to Jo-Anns!! We never get to go there since it's on the other side of town, well not THAT far but far enough to not go very often! I got 2 new paper stacks & of course more ribbon!! Paper & ribbon...I KNOW I am addicted!!

Anyway, back to the cards!! This one uses the Sweet Treats cart & the new paper I got! (DCWV Hippie Chick...I am LOVING these colors!!). After I finished the flowers I thought it needed a little more cuteness...Peachy Keen Stamps!! Love those little faces!!

Next up, also from Sweet Treats a cute little card made with DCWV Sweet paper! It's just a 'sweet" card all around!! :)

I embossed the ice cream cone to give it a little texture & of course Stickles!! Gotta love Stickles!! Used the scream4icecream set from Stamps of Life for the sentiment...If you haven't seen these stamps, go check them out!! They are wonderful!!

Today I received an order from Oh My Crafts...boy oh boy am I going to have fun tomorrow! And I also have to get ready for my Club Mtg on Thurs! Busy, busy for the next couple of days...but a fun kind of busy!!

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New cards!! Yea!!

Today started with a trip to Hobby Lobby w/Mom! Oh how I love to go to HL!! They had all Xyron products at 50% off, but off course they were out of everything I wanted! BUT they did have paper 50% off and all Paper Studio Spare Parts too!! I also received my label maker tape order yesterday!! I have been out for over a  month & keep forgetting to order some! I had alot of labeling to catch up on!

AND I actually had time to make a few cards!! Super quick, super simple cards!

This first one is some of the new paper stack & ribbon I bought today. The ribbon is the PS Spare Parts and comes with 5 different colors of this scrumptious ribbon! $4.99 & 1/2 off...SCORE!!
The next one happened because I was looking through all my new embossing folders that I needed to label & I found this one...I had never even used it before! Shameful! LOL!!
A friend of mine went to Michael's last week & picked up some of the pre-made cards in the dollar section for me..the card above & the next card both use those for bases...and this one I also used the Fabulous Phrases set from My Pink Stamper (LOVE her stamps!!). The stamp actually says "Happy Belated Birthday" but I just inked up the "Happy" & "Birthday" separately! Added some flowers & a cute button brad (which kinda looks yellow in the pic but it's actually lime green), also from HL today...matches the ribbon I got perfectly!!
So today was a great crafting for the rest...not so much!! My van is down, over-heating real bad, & then Hubby comes home & says his fuel pump is out in his truck...AGAIN!! UGH!! What is up with car repairs this summer?? But Mom & Justin (my brother) came over for dinner & we had a wonderful time!! Laughing, talking & just chillin out! Just what I needed after all the bad car news today!!

Anyway, tomorrow is another day & I am sure it will be better!! After all, it's Friday!! TGIF!

Oh & one more quick note...I realized today was a special day for Hubby & I...26 years ago tonight we started dating! Wow time flies...when you're having fun! ;-)

Until next time....
♥ Laura ♥

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Ribbon Swap

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I just found out about another ribbon swap!!

If you are interested, go to Scraptastical-Kreations on FB & click "like" then click on the discussion tab!

I have already signed up! I ♥ new ribbon!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ribbon Swap

A few weeks ago I saw on FaceBoook that Pink By Design was doing a ribbon swap! I love doing swaps...I love ribbon...YES!!! This is perfect!! So I joined in on the fun! Here are the amazing ribbon swaps I received..

1st off- This was the 1st package I received! How cool is this packaging??
 And here is the gorgeous ribbon from the 1st package

And here is the 2nd package! Just as gorgeous!!
I can't wait to use this scrumptious ribbon!! And I am def in for the next ribbon swap also!! Or any other swap for that matter!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥
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