Thursday, February 16, 2012

Becky's Sweet Creations Weekly Challenge- 3x3 Calling Card

I am sure that Becky, our DT leader, has thought I fell off the earth with my postings for her!! But I am making up for it this week!! I am posting last weeks challenge today and this weeks tomorrow!!  TWO in one week!! :) Got to get caught up somehow!!

So when Becky told us about this, I had NO CLUE what she was talking about!! A 3x3 "calling card"??? She said it is a 3x3 card with the front decorated in "your style" and your information on the back to hand out to people you want to give that information basically a very pretty business card?!?!

Anyway, here is my 3x3 calling card (front only...guess I don't need ALL my info out in blogger land...although if someone wants it bad enough I'm sure they can find it in the google land!! LOL!!)
So I started with DCWV "Mango Frost" paper that had purple in it...purple: Check!! Then it had to have some glittery/Stickle-like flare to it...Glittery: Check!! Now pretty ribbon...Gorgeous ribbon...Check!! And some "pretties" (butterflies!)...Check!! Oh and of course a sentiment punched out and edges inked...CHECK!! :) :) ALL of my favorite things!!

Thanks for stopping by today and come on back tomorrow very first BANNER!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this banner I made!! So much fun and SO cute!!! (Is that enough teasing??) C-ya tomorrow...same place, same time!! :)

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Jamie said...

Very pretty card. Love the colors you used and the butterfilies. :)
Can't wait to see the banner you made. I like the one you have on here now. :) FYI, I have my own stamp line now. :)

Rosie said...

love these calling cards

kahurst said...

I love the card! It's beautiful!

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