Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some ramblings....

Just wanted to take a few minutes and let everyone know why I have been incognito the last few weeks! I told Hubby last week that it was amazing how our lives can change in just one month! Let's see...

I started my new job at Stamp Antonio Arts...which BTW, I LOVE!!! This week will be a challenge for me though! The boys are on Spring Break and I have to work =/ BUT the way I look at it is...MONEY!! :) Mo Money to spend on MO Crafting supplies!! :) :) :)

Then a couple of weeks ago my father-in-law moved in with us!! At first, it was def a MAJOR adjustment...but now that we have all settled into it, it seems to be working out just fine! We def need to make him his own room though! Not only does he need it but I think we do too!! He is diabetic, on dialysis & has heart watching the diet is a must! Before he came here he was hardly walking, couldn't put his own shoes on, and not looking to good. But now he is very active! I know the home cooked meals help and just being around us, I'm sure is good for health! He now has someone here to help him, if needed and someone to talk to!

And my BEST news so far...I got a BRAND NEW CAR!!!! :) :) Look at my new baby!!!
She is a Ford Fiesta and the color is "Lime Squeeze"!! I just LOVE it!! Now, first, understand that Hubby said he would NEVER buy a brand new car...and technically he didn't! My FIL saw how old my van was and said that I needed something more reliable and with better gas mileage! Well boy howdy this one does! 29 city/39 hwy!! I was on 1/2 a tank on Friday so I filled her up and it cost me $17.00!!! For a half a tank???!!! With $17, my van would be at MAYBE a quarter of a tank! Talk about a gas guzzler! But the van served it's purpose for over 10 years!! SO I went from this
We thought the size would be hard to get used to, but it is just wonderful! Perfect for me to zip around town! LOL!!

Well, I am getting settled into my job, learning how to manage my crafting time better and now getting used to FIL being around! So I hope to start posting more regularly! In fact, ready for this??? I have a post ready to go for tomorrow, Thursday AND the blog hop this weekend!! Yay me!! :) :)

So stay tuned for more crafty fun!

Until next time...
♥ Laura ♥


Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

I have a ford fiesta too and I love it! I was in the same sit. Glad to hear you love your job and that FIL is doing much better. Keep posting the pics of your lovely green car! After all it is March and St. Patty's Day this weekend. -Hugs, tami

LOU said...

U will Never regret having Ur children & their Grand-F together. He'll be a gift, if U all learn that w/him there U will all learn more 2 life & will B-come MORE sensitive. By the way the handbook that yoiu see on infomercials about
Diabetic everyday foods AND Deserts
of YOU. & Follow Ur Heart, U R right he does NEED his OWN ROOM. There is always a Basement renovation, and DE-Humidifiers ARE
a very HEALTHY thing to buy 2 get-rid of humidity which IS HARMFUL
NO matter how well the renovation was done. U can get one @ K-Mart @
off season for 59.00

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