Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comp Books

Hello again! Wow! 4 posts in 5 days?? Ha Ha I am on a roll! :) Today I am showing some comp books I made for my most favorite customer friend! Now that she is in Oklahoma, I am still crafting for her and mailing the stuff there! I love it! I love doing stuff for her because I know her & her style, so I don't even usually show her samples! She tells me what she wants, I interpret it & craft away! :) I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to "work" for her anymore, but it has worked out just fine!

This time she asked for comp books for her kids teachers....catch is, that this is a new school, new teachers so "we" don't know their personalities yet! SO we decided to do a "generic" school color type comp book! But it had to be pretty too! :) School colors are Maroon & Gold...

Something simple, yet pretty! I love how they turned out!

Also, she is starting a new teaching job this year (same school) so of course we had to make one for her too! But this one is special! I KNOW her style & personality!

LOVE the fiber/ribbon I used on hers!! It is SO cool! AND so her!! And of course BLING! :)

Tomorrow is my day for posting at Joy's Life, so be sure to come back by & see what I did this week!
Until next time... ♥ Laura ♥


Rosie said...

cool composition books

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